Lowa Water Stop Pro is a high-performance impregnation spray for all leisure shoes and climbing and hiking boots. It impregnates and thus protects all materials effectively against water and soiling without restricting their breathability. It is suitable for GORE-TEX and other climate membranes. In combination with Lowa Active Cream or Lowa Active Cream Black, it offers perfect protection for your LOWA (leather) shoes. Best of all, Lowa Water Stop Pro contains no PFC!


Lowa Water Stop Pro Spray – 300 ml.

PFC Free – no harmful perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals


Caring for Your Lowa Boots:


Dirt and moisture have little effect on Lowa boots, but leather is a raw, natural material. Periodic leather treatments can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your boots. Plan on conditioning the leather every 6 months, or prior to an extended trip. Even if your boots have a GORE-TEX waterproof lining, the leathers should be conditioned every 6 months to protect your investment and keep your boots in tip top shape.


Air Dry:


When you return from the trail, remove the in-soles, and pull the tongue back, allowing the boots to air properly and dry out.

Footbeds absorb a lot of moisture. They’ll dry much quicker if removed from the boot.


If your boots are very wet, stuff newspaper into the toe area. This helps absorb moisture and hold the boot shape. (Remove the newspaper after 24 hours.)

Tip: Setting your boots next to a campfire will NOT speed up the drying process. Oh, they’ll dry quick, but the intense heat will ruin the leather and severely shorten the life of your boots. (Especially if they catch on fire!)


Removing Dirt:


For normal levels of dirt, brushing it off with a wet cloth, using lukewarm water, will suffice. This is a good method for cleaning the footbeds, too.

For muddy boots, opt for a shoe cleaning product.

When you clean the boots with lukewarm water you can see how the pores of the leather open, absorbing more moisture. This is the ideal time to apply a cream to condition the leather.


Storing Your Lowa Boots:


Store leather boots in a dry, well-aired place. Damp basements or the trunk of your car can create problems for fine leather.

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