Harris has earned its rightful place as the industry leader in high quality bipods and bipod mounting accessories. Harris Bipods are second to none. Used by more world class shooters, hunters, and firearm enthusiasts than any other bipod, Harris leads the way.

Ultra-light Harris Bipods are manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys. They clamp to the Q.D. stud of most bolt action rifles that have a conventional stock design. Carrying your rifle with a sling or shooting off-hand is not impeded using a Harris Bipod. Folding legs have completely adjustable spring-return extensions (Except for Model BRM and LM).

Specifications & Features:

·        Harris Ultra-light Bipod Swivel Base 12-25″ Sling Swivel Mount Black

·        Legs Extend from 12″ to 25″

·        Three Piece Standard Legs

·        Swivel Base(tilts) to compensate for uneven terrain.

·        Hard Rubber Leg Caps

·        Aluminum Bipod with Steel Parts

·        High Strength Polymer Tensioning Nut with Steel Insert

·        Weight 19 oz

·        Anodized Finish


·        Attaches to a Sling Swivel Stud

Weight 0.591 kg
Dimensions 8 × 34 × 5 cm

harris bipods



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